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Our Wine Search allows eRP members to search our extensive wine reviewes and ratings in serveral ways.

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USA, California: Recommended New Releases (by Robert Parker) 70 wines
USA, California: Spottswoode - A Vertical Tasting of One of Napa Valley's First-Growth Wines and Vineyards (by Robert Parker) 33 wines
Spain: Great Spanish Value Wines: Jorge Ordonez Selections (by Robert Parker) 80 wines
USA, California: Santa Barbara County New Releases (by Jeb Dunnuck) 735 wines
USA, California: Paso Robles New Releases from 2013 and 2014 (by Jeb Dunnuck) 618 wines
Spain, Rioja: Mind the Gap (by Luis Gutierrez) 460 wines
Germany: Part One - 2014 and 2015 Vintages (by Stephan Reinhardt) 518 wines
France, Chablis: Battling the Odds - 2014/2015 (by Neal Martin) 614 wines
France, Beaujolais: Battling the Odds - 2014/2015 (by Neal Martin) 368 wines
France, Bordeaux: Chateau Latour 2007 (by Neal Martin) 1 wines
France, Burgundy: Louis Latour (by Neal Martin) 17 wines
France, Bordeaux: The Scale of Life - Chateau Figeac 1949-2013 (by Neal Martin) 44 wines
France: Up From the Cellar 20 (by Neal Martin) 8 wines
Spain, Rioja: Castillo Ygay Blanco - A Darker Shade of White (by Luis Gutierrez) 8 wines
Italy, Puglia: Value Wines and New Releases (by Monica Larner) 178 wines
Italy, Basilicata: Rooting for the Underdog (by Monica Larner) 59 wines
Italy, Sicily: A Generational Change (by Monica Larner) 187 wines
Italy, Tuscany: Brunello di Montalcino - A Year in the Life (by Monica Larner) 77 wines
Israel: New Releases (by Mark Squires) 46 wines
Greece: The Great Red North (by Mark Squires) 273 wines
Portugal: Vinho Verde - Can Young (& New) Guns Win the Day? (by Mark Squires) 80 wines
Portugal: The White Album: 2015 (Best Ever?) and More (by Mark Squires) 246 wines
USA, East Coast: Paumanok, New Jersey and More (by Mark Squires) 40 wines
South Australia: Part 2 - The Vale, The Hills & The Limestone Coast (by Lisa Perrotti-Brown) 133 wines
Australia, Clare Valley: Jim Barry The Armagh 1989-2012 (by Lisa Perrotti-Brown) 8 wines
Japan: Sake - The Drop of Poetry (by Liwen Hao) 78 wines