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A Matter of Taste
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Welcome to my E-Zine on Wine. The E-Zine dates back to 1995, which is ancient history in Internet terms. In the early '90s, I was the wine forum leader on Prodigy Classic's internet service, which was disintegrating by the mid-90s. I then struck out on my own, starting the E-Zine in 1995 and its Bulletin Board a couple of years later.  At the time, the E-Zine was intended to be a food-and-wine blog, except blogs didn't really exist then. Many older articles, like "My Dinner with Mario," are food-and-wine pieces not too much different than the Hedonist Gazette articles that appear on Eventually, and slowly, it evolved into more serious wine criticism, although much of it retains a food and wine context, as opposed to controlled tastings. The site remains in operation with its Articles Section also appearing here.

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