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Search Engine Tips
  1. Site Search is at the top right of every page. It defaults to Text Search for wine reviews so, if that's what you want, simply type in your term(s) from whatever page you're on and click "Go" (or hit ENTER).

  2. You can also use Site Search to find something in the Articles, Hedonist's Gazette, Producer Profiles or the entire site. Simply make your choice in the drop down menu after Site Search: and enter your search term(s) in For:.

  3. Wherever you enter search terms (Site Search, Text Search or Advanced Search keywords) keep in mind that spelling errors are the most common reason for not finding the wine(s) you want. Here, unlike with Internet search engines, you can enter partial words, typing in only as much as you are sure you can spell. For example, if you can't spell Pierre Usseglio's Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee de Mon Aieul (who can?) just type "us mon ai". You'll find them all. Try it, it works!

  4. You can use common abbreviations. If you can't or don't want to spell "Trockenbeerenauslese" just type in "tba". This works for wine terms like CdP, VDP, and IGT. It also works for common abbreviations of producer names like "sqn" and "bv". If you think of one we missed please email us at support@robertparker.com so we can add it.

  5. The search engines understand equivalent terms so it doesn't matter if you type in "Vino da Tavola" or "IGT" you'll find them both. If you think of one we missed please email us at support@robertparker.com so we can add it.

  6. The search engines understand different ways of saying the same thing so Mt., Mount or Mountain will all find the same wines. If you think of one we missed please email us at support@robertparker.com so we can add it.

  7. It can be hard to know when to use words like "Chateau", "Domaine" and "Winery". Don't worry, you don't have to use them at all and, if you do, you'll find your wine even if you enter Chateau and its from a Domaine!

  8. While you never have to use accented characters their use will not interfere with finding the wine(s) you want.

  9. If your search term finds a lot of wines we'll present a list of all producers whose name contains your term(s) or who make wines whose name contains them. You can then pick the producer you want. We'll do the same thing if there are still a lot of matching wines from your chosen producer. From either of these intermediate screens you can click "Show All Wines" to go directly to the list of all wines that match your term(s).

  10. Once you get your list of wines you can sort it by simply clicking on any title in the header. Click on any wine name that follows a to read its review. Click on any price range that follows a to see current retail offerings.

You can set your own personal search preferences.

Want more details? Read Search Help.