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Robert Parker Mobile Software Overview

Robert Parker Mobile is a Java application designed to provide functionality similar to the Text, Advanced and Vintage search engines found on the eRobertParker.com web site. What follows assumes you are familiar with these search engines. If you aren't then we suggest you refer to the publically available Guided Tour of eRobertParker.com. The application is designed to minimize the amount of network traffic to provide the best possible response time given the capabilities of your phone and the bandwidth and quality of your network connection.

Application Main Menu The application provides five functions as shown to the left here (note that all the screen shots shown here are from a software emulator, actual screens on your phone will be similar but not identical). In addition to the three search engines our weekly Featured Buying Opportunities (provided by winealert.com) and Wine of the Day will also available on your phone.

Text Search Text Search (right) works very much like it does on eRobertParker.com. Simply enter one or more words (or partial words) using your phone's keyboard. Should your phone not provide a full keyboard you will have to use the same technique of pressing the keys multiple times until the letter or number you want is displayed.

Wine List Once you perform a search using any of the engines a list of matching wines will be displayed similar to the list of wines to the left (this is the list for the weekly Featured Buying Opportunities). Note that most phones lack a display wide enough to show an entire long wine name at once. Moving the cursor over any line (as shown here for the first wine listed) will cause it to scroll so you can read the entire entry (the speed of scrolling will depend on your phone).

Wine Detail Once you select a wine, a screen similar to the one to the right will show its name, vintage and variety and allow you to further select more details about the wine, the tasting note or similar wines to the one you selected.

Advanced Search Advanced Search, shown to the left, allows you to precisely specifiy one or more wines according to characteristics like the location where they were produced, the vintage, variety, wine type, rating and more. Most of your critia will be entered by list selection and the lists that are presented will be dynamically constructed based on what you have previously chosen. Thus, for example, had you chosen France for the country the list of regions would be limited to those in France. This technique of list selection is particularly well suited for phones where typing is difficult.

Featured Buying OpportunitiesWhile Featured Buying Opportunities offers the same list of purchase recommendations as the eRobertParker.com web site technical limitations mean that the pointer to the retailer's site will not work on your phone -- you will have to jot it down and use the browser on your PC to actually buy the wine.

Questions and Support: Robert Parker Mobile is not hosted by eRobertParker.com so we are unable to provide answers to questions other than those answered here. We are also not able to provide customer/technical support. For questions or support email support@mfoundry.com.